“If you are interested in knowledge, supreme knowledge of Natural Law will be available to you when you are here at the Maharishi Vedic Village of Canada.  



Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of Maharishi Vedic Village


“If you want to possess a level of intelligence that will never fail you and will always support your desires, the Vedic Village will provide that to you on both levels—understanding and experience.  


“If you want power, the gates of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law will open to you when you are here.  As the Rik Veda says, “Brahma bhavati sarathi”—the infinite organizing power of Natural Law will be the charioteer of all your intentions and actions.


“If you are searching for measures of prevention for perfect health, supreme knowledge of perfect health bordering on immortality will be available at the Vedic Village.  If you are interested in the fountain of youth, such knowledge and practical programs will be available here.


“If you desire real happiness in life for yourself and all your dear ones, the Vedic Village will provide unconditioned, pure happiness.


“If you desire not to be tossed about by the ups and downs of different values of the economy, politics, religion, and social change, the Vedic Village will provide that level of awareness, that steady level of consciousness, which will turn every situation to your advantage, which will prove the situation to be in your favor whatever it may be to others.  At the Vedic Village you will have available to you the knowledge to prevent all future problems and failures.


“If you believe in the philosophy of “hard work for progress,” the Vedic Village will provide you greater progress through less hard work—a principle of living that is well worth knowing. The Vedic Village will provide winning principles for every level of life, whether you’re a retailer, a wholesaler, a producer, a banker who sits and all come to him and he just grants, or an investor who know what quiet investing is—for you the Vedic Village will confirm this theme of a quiet investor for whom all the other levels work.  This is mastery over the Unified Field of Natural Law, and the Vedic Village will give you this.


“If you are a follower of a religion, the Vedic Village will give you that essential experience which is sought for through the path of every religion—the sweet fruit of religious life.


“If you are not religious but are looking for some reliable scientific approach to find a supreme purpose in life, the Vedic Village is here to provide it.


“If you don’t worry about the purpose of life and simply want to enjoy, the Vedic Village has an exclusive offer for you: better health and greater energy and intelligence in a luxurious setting.


“If you are interested in nothing, then unbounded, unmanifest, pure wakefulness, unbounded bliss, the ultimate expression of pure spirituality, will be available when you are here.


“This Vedic Village offers freedom from fear—freedom from fear of crime, sickness, and suffering. Above all, the Vedic Village will provide our nation with an invincible armor of positivity and harmony”.


—His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi