an eco-friendly community located in a glorious natural and peaceful setting on the banks of the Welland River, in an environment where contact with nature is a part of everyday life.

It is a place that is pure and peaceful, and fit for many kinds of recreation which in turn nurtures good local community bonds. It is a lifestyle community for life in harmony with Total Natural Law.


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 All Aspects of the Village are designed to promote health, including:

  • Natural Healthy materials

  • Eco-Technologies

  • Shielded Cables

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Health Centers and Spas

  • Meditation and Yoga Centers

  • Pure Food Through Vedic Organic Agriculture.

The community includes facilities for on-site learning focused on improving health and wellbeing.  Residents will benefit from the fitness and health opportunities by living within a harmonious community which actively promotes wellbeing.