A sustainable community must be a community where everyone is happy, healthy, and successful. Only a community that is free from pollution, noise, and stress and which is designed as a holistic structure in harmony with Natural Law where individual life flows with the evolutionary stream of energy intelligence is really sustainable both for the environment and for the life of the individual. Such a city is essentially free from problems, crime, and suffering


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Maharishi Vedic Village is an eco-friendly, socially responsible community, where the residents enjoy a way of life that embraces farm-to-table organic food, yoga and meditation.  The community also includes facilities for on-site learning focused on improving health and wellbeing.  Residents benefit from the fitness and health opportunities by living within a harmonious community which actively promotes wellbeing


HealthyLiveToday communication, administration and consumer purchasing is delivered increasingly thru the Internet. This points towards the growing trend of the decentralization of services in our cities. Maharishi Vedic Village is decentralized self sufficient community with local food, local production, and local services, greatly reducing theneed for transportation.


Welcome to Maharishi Vedic Village